As part of Denmark’s largest and only nationwide estate agency, EDC Poul Erik Bech elevates the market with the absolute broadest and most profound foundation of experience for our work. We have Denmark’s largest buyer and tenant directory and, through this, a contact point for most buyers in the industry, just as we are one of the industry’s most sought-after expert sources. We have a historical affinity for data and base our statements about the market on knowledge, honesty, and solid numbers.

We want to assist customers all the way around with the best insights, solutions, and expertise. Our differentiated educations contribute to being able to deliver this service. With training and experience ranging from MDE-qualified real estate agents, MRICS and RICS-registered valuers to engineers, IT programmers, and Cand.merc., we have highly trained specialists in each business area.

Our many residential estate agencies work nationwide and help all buyers, regardless of whether they are looking locally or need to move to another part of the country. Often, buyers must be found outside the local area, and our large sales force means that we encounter as many potential buyers as possible, regardless of where in the country they come from. Overall, a significantly increased opportunity to sell the property at the highest attainable price is achieved.

We represent the customer externally and provide a clear overview internally. The result is an easy, safe, and manageable process, where the customer is our highest priority, regardless of which and how big the tasks are to be solved. We deliver knowledge, analysis, and experience, and our customer relationships are based on strong and long-term relationships because we understand the market and deliver the solutions.

Furthermore, we are not owned by a bank or a mortgage institution. We are the only large foundation-owned brokerage firm in Denmark and have a desire to give back to the local communities we are a part of. Most of the company is owned by the charitable foundation EDC Poul Erik Bech Foundation. This ensures a particularly strong independence and a good long-term foundation for thinking and thus contributes to ensuring the company’s existence.

Hard work, ethics and a solid business sense…

..are the three pillars on which the company was founded in 1978. These core values remain and their legitimacy has been confirmed by good results, solid growth and satisfied clients.

Hard work is part of our culture, which is deeply rooted throughout the company. Our employees continually strive to provide our clients with knowledge-based advice and first class ser vice, and our phones are open from 8 a.m. to 8. p.m. – 365 days a year.

Our ethics mean you can have confidence in us, in our dedication and our business ethics, in our way of working together, and in our transparent processes that provide our clients with security and overview.

A solid business sense is your guarantee for a satisfactory and profitable business outcome. Our focus is on representing our clients and their interests in the most optimal way. The performance of our experienced specialists is continuously assessed with regards to competence, performance and negotiating skills to ensure that our clients may always have confidence in the quality of our services.

We look forward to work with you.