The construction and real estate industry accounts for 30% of Denmark’s total CO2 emissions, and Denmark’s buildings account for about 40% of the country’s energy consumption. EDC Poul Erik Bech wants to be part of the many improvements that can and should be implemented in the industry. Therefore, we recognize the importance of ESG, which includes a range of actions and activities that support responsible business behavior. On this page, you can get an overview of our efforts and approaches within environment, society, and governance:

  • More sustainable properties: In collaboration with relevant partners, we will advise our clients on real estate investments that benefit the environment.
  • CO2 neutrality in our company by 2025: With a vision of a greener future, we will purchase/plant forests and invest in wind and solar energy.
  • An inclusive society: Through the Poul Erik Bech Foundation, we aim to give back to the local communities we are part of.

In line with the above, we have established an ESG committee consisting of several representatives from the company, each working within their own area. The purpose of the committee is to ensure that:

  • ESG remains on the company’s agenda
  • We promote dialogue on new ESG initiatives
  • We ensure the integration of our goals in our ESG strategy


Co2-neutral in 2025

We have a clear and distinct vision to become CO2-neutral by 2025. To achieve this, we are diligently working on calculating our CO2 emissions.

One of the two primary initiatives, which is essential to becoming CO2-neutral by 2025, is the purchase and/or planting of forests. Additionally, we are investing, along with the EDC group, in wind and solar energy, which are energy sources that will help reduce net CO2 emissions.

Within the company, we have promoted a number of initiatives aimed at shaping a sustainable agenda. Emphasizing more collective transportation, reducing individual driving, and recycling IT equipment are all measures that help reduce the company’s CO2 footprint.


Giving back to the local communities we are part of 

We place a high value on our social responsibility, both in relation to our own employees and society in general.

Our social responsibility towards our employees is reflected in the following focus points:

  • Supporting our employees throughout their life journey, which is facilitated through attractive education and career opportunities
  • Strengthening workplace diversity with room for inclusivity and different generations
  • Celebrating our employees with events and other social activities
  • Ensuring high employee satisfaction through our workplace assessments.

A significant part of our identity and social responsibility lies in the Poul Erik Bech Foundation, which owns 60% of our company. The foundation aims to create joy and has received a total of 65 million DKK for distribution since 2015. In 2023, the foundation made 69 local grants.

Poul Erik Bech Foundation

Across the country, there are associations with dedicated volunteers who are passionate about making a difference for others. They help create joy by arranging excursions and activities for those who need more smiles in their daily lives. See who the Poul Erik Bech Foundation has supported here


Preconditions for sustainable leadership

At EDC Poul Erik Bech, we have several initiatives that promote sustainable leadership and support good corporate behavior.

In our ESG report, you can read about our RICS certification, which we became a member of in 2011. The certification confirms that we meet the international requirements for “excellence and integrity” in our consulting.

In addition, we have key focus areas in our company that we consider essential to sustainable leadership:

  • GDPR, anti-money laundering, and anti-corruption are major focus areas for us in our efforts to protect the security and rights of our customers and employees
  • Whistleblower scheme, supporting transparency, credibility, and openness
  • Foundation governance, Poul Erik Bech Foundation follows the recommendations of the Danish Business Authority for good foundation governance
  • Business and product groups that promote collaboration, knowledge sharing, and problem-solving across departments

Our upcoming services

Green lease contracts

We can assist both tenants and landlords with the integration of green lease terms into contracts, tailored to individual needs and ESG strategies.


We are able to analyze the carbon footprint of properties and offer specific advice or recommendations for reducing CO2 emissions.


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