Structured overview of current tenants in the market

A personal network is valuable, but only few have a complete overview of the market demand. For this reason, we have developed an online database consisting of active buyers and tenants, which ensures a structured accumulation of the current market demand. Today, we have thousands of active tenants registered, whom we evaluate on a continuous basis to ensure an updated database. Our clients benefit from the fact that we can match a property or premise with the search criteria in the database, and thereby have potential tenants already from day one.

How we find tenants for long-term leases

We have a structured approach where we identify the right target group for your premises or properties:


  • Which business sectors or businesses would match the particular location (close to public transport, city centre, parking facilities, airport, etc.)?


  • Does the layout of the vacant premises match the tenants’ requirements? Should it be optimised prior to reletting?
  • Does the tenant require open-plan offices or smaller offices and can we accommodate this?
  • Should all employees have a desk, or should the office have a more dynamic set-up? How many employees would there be room for in your vacant premises?


  • What facilities does/do the property/premises have? Airconditioning, changing facilities, canteen, reception, parking facilities, outdoor spaces, etc.
  • What type of tenants are looking for properties/premises with these facilities?

Profiling and branding:

  • Do/does the premises/location have a special profile? Environmentally friendly, historical or modern? And what does the profile of the premises mean in relation to the target group we aim for?


  • What is the annual rent and what type of tenants is this suited for?
  • What is the ratio of operating costs to rental expenses?


  • What is the actual supply of other tenancies in the area?
  • What are the advantages of this tenancy and what should you highlight to find the right tenant?