Added value prior to the actual construction

EDC’s project departments will provide advice on development opportunities and assist you through the entire process from a to z. With our extended network and long-standing expertise, we can represent you in all aspects:

Added value through innovation

We can assist you in identifying plots or properties with conversion potential. Via a thorough market analysis, we will identify the best scenarios matching your strategy. Here are some examples of how we can support you:

  • Where do you find plots with local plans suited for an attractive construction project?
  • How do you get the best price for the project with the best return on investment? What type of building should be constructed and for what target groups?
  • Can an office building with decreasing rental income be converted into private rental housing instead?
  • Can an industrial property be developed as a new project?

We have the creative skills to see the potential as well as the experience to estimate concrete scenarios, thereby supporting your decision-making process.

External partners

We will guide you through the construction process with the support of our extended network and market knowledge:

  • Involvement of engineers, including construction consultancy, construction supervision and obtaining planning permission.
  • Selection of the right contractor, including erection and/or demolition of office buildings

When the project is launched

When the project is launched, it is important to have a clear overview. We will assist you through all the practical steps:

  • Budget/investment analysis
  • Additional market analysis
  • Time schedule
  • Contact with authorities
  • Local plan
  • Registration of the change of title number
  • Project planning
  • Financing.

During the process, we can introduce you to our most competent cooperative partners, including architects, engineers, accountants, lawyers, etc.

If the project includes residential housing

When we provide advice on a construction project from its very start, we consult with our local EDC estate agency shop to consider the market demand via a thorough analysis of the target groups, which will influence the housing type as well as the size, layout and rent level. We focus on making the houses or flats more attractive than the surrounding projects in order to reduce the idle time. We provide advice on the:

  • Housing type
  • Number of units
  • Size and layout
  • Interior decoration
  • Facilities and optimisation of these
  • Legislation
  • Rent level or sales price.

Sale to investor

Through our wide network of Danish and international players, we are able to present the project to the investors in the market.

Property management

As an additional benefit, our subsidiary, LEA Ejendomspartner, can handle the subsequent property management of tenancies, student housing, portfolios or commercial tenancies. LEA Ejendomspartner is represented in four locations to cover all of Denmark.