Project sales and volume lettings of finished buildings

The combination of our two specialised project departments, our in-house marketing department and our local estate agency shops is a powerful cooperative partner when you need to sell or let your next construction project.

Experienced experts and local sales teams

Our two project departments have long experience in project sales and volume lettings. Over the years, we have developed processes, systems and know-how to make sure that you are in safe hands throughout the entire process. Our experts will be in charge of the overall strategy while the local estate agency shop will be a strong sales team that knows the local demand and will be available for open-house events – every time.

Identification of the target groups

Through our research department, we can prepare analyses to identify target groups of a particular construction project and thereby optimise the project with regard to fittings, sales price/rent, etc. The analyses may include:

  • Analysis of the financial scope in the area
  • Market analyses, including questionnaire surveys aimed at the relevant target groups
  • Demographic analyses, including population projections
  • Analysis of transport patterns and transport methods
  • Analysis of the demand in an area based on the data from our file of buyers and tenants

Innovative, digital marketing – with ongoing optimisation

We have a large in-house marketing team, with an eye for new digital opportunities. As data is a huge part of our DNA, we use our databases to aim the housing at the target groups identified for the project. We prepare campaigns across digital and offline media to ensure that you top the other construction projects in the area. Some of the services we offer:

  • Identity and storytelling, ensuring that the project appeals to the target group and stands out from competing projects
  • Lead-optimised website
  • Lead generation before project launch via Google and social media
  • Newsletters
  • Offline campaigns such as outdoor and newspapers
  • Targeted campaigns in the social media using unique data from EDC’s databases
  • Preparation of films, testimonials, etc.
  • Cooperation with influencers
  • Modern interior design of display homes matching the style of the identified target group
  • Top-quality sales material
  • Events to attract tenants or buyers

One of our major strengths is that our marketing specialists are in-house. After the current Open House events, the marketing department receives feedback from the estate agents on the demography and any comments of the attendees. On the basis of this feedback, we will be able to optimise the online campaigns to match the target group attending the events as well as the parameters they regard as the project’s strong points. In this way, we will ensure that your marketing budget will be spent in the best possible way – and where the conversions are.

Sale to investors

Through our wide network of Danish and international players, we are able to present a project to the investors in the market.

Property management

As an additional benefit, our subsidiary, LEA Ejendomsadministration, can handle the subsequent property management of tenancies, student housing, portfolios or commercial tenancies. LEA Ejendomspartner is represented in four locations to cover all of Denmark.