Half of the lighthouse project Green Hills in Solrød has been let: “We have never experienced such great interest”

The letting of the new housing project Green Hills in Solrød is in full swing. The first two stages, with a total of 144 units, are essentially let, and the third stage of construction will soon be released. Balder Danmark is building the ambitious lighthouse project and has chosen EDC Projekt Poul Erik Bech to be responsible for the rental of a total of 294 rental properties. The building is expected to be completed in 2023.

In 2019, Balder Danmark won the tender for the attractive plot on Cordozavej in Solrød. The iconic building has received much attention due to its sustainable profile, beautiful architecture, and appeal to all generations. Luisa Rosenberg, rental manager for projects in Balder Denmark, says,

“The attention has been overwhelming, and we at Balder have never experienced such great interest in one of our projects. It is also an impressive building, shaped based on high requirements for the building’s architecture, housing composition, and sustainability. The project is built around two ‘lighthouses,’ and soon, we will release the homes in the second tower, which is the third stage, and then stage 4 with a total of 150 rental apartments.”

“We chose EDC Projekt Poul Erik Bech to be in charge of the rental primarily because of their local knowledge and databased approach to the rental task. They have some excellent tools for pricing rental levels. Both concerning what is for sale in the area, what the rent levels are, and the general price evolution concerning the high quality of the construction. For us, it was a great reassurance that our decisions were supported by data, and it has also turned out to be the right decision, as the process has developed as we had hoped and even exceeded expectations with the rental of the first two stages.”

Sustainability thought in from the start

Green Hills is pre-certified for the acknowledged international DGNB-Gold certification, which gives the project a holistic view of sustainability, where environmental, economic, and social sustainability is considered from the start. Kenneth Nielsen, project director, EDC Project Poul Erik Bech, says,

“We had a clear expectation that there would be great demand for the homes, which has proven to be better than we could have imagined. The lighthouse project is very eye-catching and characterized by the sloping roof surfaces with green plantings that rise towards the sky and meet at a point on the 9th floor and give a beautiful expression. The 294 rental properties vary in sizes from 2-6 rooms from 56 to 212 m2 and are spread over several different apartment types and floor plans.”

“It is a visionary project where the building’s varied housing composition means that everyone can live in Green Hills. There is room for all generations, families with children, seniors, couples, singles, and young people. In principle, you can live here your entire life. It has proven to appeal to many, and we feel convinced that there will also be massive demand for the third stage, which will soon be released, and later also the fourth stage.”


About Green Hills

Green Hills is being built in a collaboration between Balder Danmark and Bovieran Danmark as builders, Sjælsø Management as project developer and management contractor, MOE as engineer, Danielsen Architecture, who designed the building, and Danielsen Urban Landscape who drew the lines for the landscape. The building will accommodate 350 homes in total, of which Balder Danmark will build 294, with EDC Project Poul Erik Bech being responsible for letting. Bovieran Danmark is building a senior living community in the heart of the building, which contains 55 co-housing homes and a guest house. All homes in Bovieran have been sold. Read more about the project at www.balder.dk/green-hills.

Kenneth Nielsen

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