Beierholm moves its head office to the former domicile of Nordjyske Mediehus

The domicile of Nordjyske Mediehus was sold in mid-2022 to the property company Tecta Invest. The property has been the domicile of Nordjyske Mediehus for more than 30 years. EDC Poul Erik Bech then mediated the sale of the renowned and well-located property and has now also helped to sell the office part of 7,400 m2 to Beierholm, even though Tecta Invest initially only wanted to re

The audit and consultancy company Beierholm, with headquarters in Aalborg, has bought new office premises at Langagervej 1 in Aalborg Ø. Beierholm is thus moving into Nordjyske Mediehus’ former premises. CEO at Beierholm, Søren V. Pedersen, says as follows:

“After several years of continuous growth, we have doubled the number of employees over the past six years, so that we are now up to 1,800 employees in more than 40 offices. We have outgrown our 4,400 m2 existing head office in Aalborg. For a longer period, we have searched the market for commercial properties in and around Aalborg, and in the process, we looked into this specific office site. We are now excited that we have reached an agreement for our new head office, where we will have space for continued growth, and we can move in at the beginning of 2024.”

“At the head office, we gather the majority of our joint functions and specialists, incl. accountants and advisers, who number approximately 250 employees. We are moving closer to the university and position ourselves in North Jutland’s largest business area. We have been very satisfied with our current domicile, which we are only moving out of due to the lack of space. At the same time, we are very happy that we have now succeeded in finding a new, iconic domicile and look forward to, in close cooperation with director Jesper Brøndum from Tecta Invest, leaving our mark on the building and shaping the best future framework for both customers and employees in Beierholm.”

Would not sell
Tecta Invest is owned by Jens Enggaard Holding, which also operates and owns the crane company BMS. The property at Langagervej 1 has 7,393 m² of offices which have now been sold to Beierholm. Furthermore, the property contains 6,477 m² for storage/production and a plot of 78,378 m² with many parking spaces and the possibility of further development.

Jesper Brøndum, director of Tecta Invest, says the following: “The storage and logistics building and a remaining land area of ​​just over 50,000 m2 will remain in our hands. We are looking forward to continuing to work with the remaining part of the property and are happy that the office building will also function as a domicile property in the future. So even though it was not part of our strategy to sell out of the property portfolio, we have made an exception here, as Beierholm is, in our eyes, the optimal and absolutely right user of the house.”

Renowned and well-located Aalborg property
The agreement was facilitated by director, Frank Jensen, EDC Poul Erik Bech Aalborg: “It was a particularly exciting task to sell the well-known property back in mid-2022 for Nordjyske Mediehus, with whom we have had a good and long-term collaboration. We then agreed with Tecta Invest that we would of course like to bring tenants to the iconic and well-located property. I have known about Beierholm’s wish for a new domicile for a long period of time and have always thought that they would be the right match.”

“Therefore, I approached Beierholm and asked if we should look at whether we could work out a solution where they purchased the property. I knew that Tecta Invest had been planning on renting out the building, as it was their primary business model. However, we convinced them that it was a good idea to sell. An agreement has now been reached that both partners are satisfied with, so we wish them congratulations on the deal and good luck.”

Long-term collaboration on 12 commercial properties
Langagervej 1 is also the largest of 12 properties in North Jutland that EDC Poul Erik Bech Aalborg has sold or leased for Nordjyske Mediehus. The collaboration started 15 years ago, and now the media house has only one property left – a 5,580 m² modern office property for DKK 67.5 million, which lies directly opposite the previous domicile at Langagervej 6, 9220 Aalborg Øst.

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