Norwegian property investor buys 8,000 m² logistics property in Rødovre

Fritzøe Eiendom operates and develops residential and commercial projects primarily in Larvik in Norway. They have just bought an 8,000 m² logistics property in Rødovre as part of the company's Nordic venture. EDC International Poul Erik Bech has advised and helped Fritzøe Eiendom in the due diligence phase regarding the purchase of the logistics property in Rødovre, which was sold for a double-digit million sum

The purchase of the 8,000 m2 logistics property at Hvidsværmervej 155 in Rødovre is Fritzøe Eiendom’s second investment outside of Norway, as they bought a large logistics property in Sweden last year. Helle Nielsen Ziersen, Head of EDC International Poul Erik Bech, says:

“Fritzøe Eiendom bought an 8,000 m2 logistics property in Rødovre, and this is their first investment in Denmark. In the due diligence phase, we have, among other things, advised with expert knowledge of the Danish property market, the mortgage market and an assessment of market rent.”

EDC International Poul Erik Bech offers full range services to international investors, foreign companies in Denmark and Danish companies abroad. EDC International has specialists in all property-related tasks, including letting, tenant representation, investment, off-market, property valuations and research/analysis.

Strategic property in Nordic investment
The CEO of Fritzøe Eiendom, Petter Falkgård Andersen, says: “It is a very strategic property. The location is particularly central with exposure to the main arterial road to Copenhagen. The property also has an exciting development potential.”

The company Krydsfinér-Handelen is a tenant in the logistics building and the company was bought earlier this year by Fritzøe Eiendom’s sister company, Fritzøe Nordic Holding, a building materials wholesaler with companies in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

“We look forward to expanding our business outside of Norway’s borders as well. Properties in central logistics hubs in both Denmark and Sweden offer the opportunity to develop our own organisation and our sister companies,” says Petter Falkgaard Andersen.

Fritzøe Eiendom AS today manages a building stock of 70,000 m2 and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Treschow-Fritzøe group, which also consists of companies within the stone industry, renewable energy, building materials trade and forestry. The group has a turnover of NOK 3,500 million and has a total of approx. 500 employees.

Helle Nielsen Ziersen

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