VKR Holding/VELUX puts 11 buildings of 33,000 m² up for sale in Skærbæk

EDC Poul Erik Bech will handle the sale of just over 33,000 m² of buildings in Skærbæk in Southern Jutland. VELUX produced wood components for skylight windows at the factory for more than 50 years, but ceased its production in April 2021. The 11 buildings of between 1,242-7,424 m² can primarily be used for industry, warehousing and production.

VELUX had an excess capacity of wood components in Skærbæk in Southern Jutland and decided to close the factory earlier this year. The VELUX properties are located in an industrial district at Industrivej 13 & 26 in Skærbæk in an area that houses Danish Crown and DLG Skærbæk, among other companies. Per Laursen, former director of Skærbæk Bygningsindustri A/S, says:

“VELUX had to adjust its production to remain competitive. Unfortunately, this is how things go sometimes, and it’s obviously sad after more than 50 years of production. It has been important for VELUX as a company to help the employees move on well, and, fortunately, almost all employees at the factory have moved on successfully to other jobs, have retired or have started retraining for other jobs. The buildings have thus become surplus for us, and our owners (VKR Holding A/S) have therefore decided to put the buil-dings up for sale.”

THE VELUX Group has 27 production companies in 11 countries, sales companies in 40 countries and employs 11,500 people, of whom 2,600 in Denmark. They are part of the VKR Group, which also comprises DOVISTA A/S with brands such as VELFAC and Rationel Vinduer, and which generated revenue of EUR 3 billion in 2020. The name VELUX is composed of the two Latin words Ve (ventilation) and Lux (light).

Different solution models

The asking price for the 11 buildings is DKK 55.5 million as they appear today. Morten Rask Koch Dahl, Partner in EDC Poul Erik Bech Aabenraa, says:

“VELUX wants to sell the properties in Skærbæk in the best possible way. The owners would like the property to be put back into operation, and they are therefore open to different solution models for the final sale. We’re focusing on a final sale of the properties together or in large chunks. Letting to one or two large tenants may also be an option if this can be done in connection with a sale. It may also be a model to establish a creative environment for both business and leisure, for example as a kind of business park for the area. It’s worth noting in this connection that the Municipality of Tønder has improved its position as a business-friendly municipality for the fourth year running and is ranked in the top 10 of Denmark’s most business-friendly municipalities.”

Regarding the choice of EDC Poul Erik Bech, Nicolai Ægidius from VKR Holding says: “We chose EDC because they came up with the best sales strategy presentation. It was also a factor that we could feel the energy and dynamism needed to succeed with a sale. It also helps that we sense a good match with our own values, which is, for example, reflected in EDC Poul Erik Bech being a foundation-owned business just like us (the VELUX and VILLUM Foundations).”

“We’re also pleased to know that part of the profits will be used for charitable and socially beneficial purposes. We’ve also had a really positive impression of Morten Rask Koch Dahl from EDC, who is a new local partner in the area and new to the industry, but who comes with great drive and a large network from the financial sector. We’re consequently confident that he will go the extra mile to conclude the sale. We therefore hope that we will quickly succeed in finding a buyer who can benefit from the buildings and revitalise them for the benefit and joy of everyone in the area.”

The properties are located a two minutes’ drive from the access road and 1 km from the centre of Skærbæk. The E45 motorway, which runs through Jutland and down past the German border, is 50 km away. Major companies in the region are ECCO, LEGO, Ørsted Wind Power, Blue Water Shipping, Maersk and data centres for Google and Facebook.

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Morten Dahl Rask

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