Cofoco to open hotel in Copenhagen this summer

Cofoco has bought a well-known Copenhagen hotel in Vesterbrogade after a long quest for one. EDC Erhverv Poul Erik Bech was the estate agent for the purchase and followed the process from start to end.

The Cofoco food group has bought the Copenhagen Crown Hotel at Vesterbrogade 41 in Copenhagen. The address has a rich history as a hotel, dating back to around 1880. Although known as the Copenhagen Crown Hotel for the past thirty years, the hotel will be renamed by the new owners. Cofoco has been on the lookout for a hotel for some time, and this will be its first. CEO and owner Christian Lytje has this to say about the acquisition:

“We have long wanted to enter the hotel industry and have searched for the right place in Copenhagen, which we have now found at Vesterbrogade 41. In addition to taking over the hotel operations, we were given the option to buy the entire building. This gives us a unique opportunity to create exactly the hotel we want, and the renovation is actually already in full swing. We expect the hotel to be completely finished by late summer.”

The hotel will have 90 rooms, a few of them with small gardens attached. The ground floor will have a large lobby area and a charming courtyard. Both will be open to hotel guests and Copenhageners for coffee, drinks and wine throughout the day.

“We want to create a warm, welcoming and personal hotel, where sustainability is in focus, and of course in an affordable price range – which is exactly the same mantra we have successfully applied to all our restaurants. We see strong synergies between our restaurants and the hotel, and we believe that opening the hotel will enable us to give people an even better experience when they visit Copenhagen,” says Christian Lytje.

Success breeds success

Michael Thodsen, a partner of EDC Erhverv Poul Erik Bech, and Kenneth Hauge Jacobsen, a commercial estate agent, have helped Cofoco with the deal. Over the years, Michael Thodsen has done substantial business with Cofoco, including conducting an ongoing dialogue with the company about what it is looking for. When the owner of the Copenhagen Crown Hotel signalled a desire to sell, there was no doubt who might be the right new owner.

After matching the respective expectations, the buyer and seller signed the contract of sale, so Michael Thodsen is now looking forward to following Cofoco’s entry into the hotel industry.

“Naturally, we congratulate both the buyer and the seller on the deal. There is no doubt that Cofoco’s new course will be a great success, exactly as it has been with its restaurants,” he says.

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