Odense – a modern and rapidly developing city characterised by adventure and optimism

In the past few years, the City of Odense has made great efforts to market the city as an attractive place to live, work and visit as a tourist. At present, up to DKK 40 bn are invested in strategic urban development in order to make the city able to compete with other big urban areas in Denmark.

Heavy investments are made in areas such as future-proof infrastructure, leisure activities such as sports and shopping as well as attractive cultural activities for people of all ages.

The biggest ongoing urban development project is the construction of Odense Tramway. Odense Tramway will consist of 26 stations, connecting Tarup in the north with Hjallese in the south and stopping at Rosengårdscenteret, Odense station and other places in the centre of Odense. When the tramway is completed in 2021, it is expected that it will serve about 1 m passengers every month.

Odense is one of the biggest university towns in Denmark but has had difficulties retaining the students after graduation. The City expects that the new attractive facilities and community improvements will make it more attractive for students to stay and start a family in Odense instead of moving away when they graduate.

Furthermore, Odense serves a large area that the City wants to include according to the strategy “Fra stor dansk by til dansk storby” (From big Danish city to Danish big city). Currently, there are approx. 480,000 inhabitants in Funen, of whom approx. 202,000 (42%) live in Odense. In 2045, it is expected that the share of the population living in Odense will increase from 42% to 44% or a total population of approx. 225,000 people.