EDC Poul Erik Bech with a new billion DKK deal

A major international investment transaction has just been concluded. EDC Poul Erik Bech's international department has been an adviser on a large transaction, which was conducted as an off-market transaction where both parties wish to remain anonymous.

Due to a significant increase in the number of international investors, Denmark’s largest real estate company, EDC Poul Erik Bech, established a dedicated unit just over a year ago, which exclusively provides services to international investors and clients, as well as Danish companies and investors who want to buy properties outside of Denmark. Helle Nielsen Ziersen, partner and Head of International Relations says:

“It has been a good disposition that we separated the international customers into a dedicated international department. This has given us an even stronger focus which has resulted in yet another billon DKK deal. As of right now, we are also close to close another international transaction in the magnitude of over a billion DKK.”

Extensive local knowledge
EDC international Poul Erik Bech primarily solves tasks such as Tenant representation, Buy-side, Valuations, Capital Market, research and analysis and in particular Off-market transactions.

“As the international investors expand their investment horizon, to no longer only focus on Copenhagen and Aarhus, we have benefited from the fact that we are the only nationwide commercial real estate company in Denmark, where we can provide extensive local knowledge to all investors and clients” says Helle Nielsen Ziersen, EDC International Poul Erik Bech.

EDC Poul Erik Bech consists of 61 residential estate agencies, 17 commercial real estate centers and more than 500 employees.

Helle Nielsen Ziersen

Partner, Director, Head of International Relations, MRICS, MDE
Phone: +45 58588717
Mobile: +45 40999946
E-mail: hni@edc.dk