EDC Project Poul Erik Bech secures the Re-leasing of 800 Apartments on Sluseholmen

Danica Ejendomme has entered an exclusive agreement with EDC Project Poul Erik Bech to re-lease seven properties with a total area of 81,105 m², distributed across 800 apartments on Sluseholmen in Copenhagen. With so many housing units, apartments are almost always available for rent. Currently, 1% are vacant, and 4% of the residents have terminated their leases and are set to move out after the 3-month notice period.

Sluseholmen is Copenhagen’s new canal city, inspired by the Dutch capital, Amsterdam. Danica Ejendomme has entered an agreement with EDC Project Poul Erik Bech to manage the re-leasing of apartments in Danica Ejendomme’s seven housing projects on Sluseholmen. Kenneth Nielsen, project director at EDC Project Poul Erik Bech, says:

“Danica Ejendomme’s constructions on Sluseholmen focus on six areas of quality: environmental, economic, social, technical, process, and area quality. They lease quality homes to their pension clients, who are our first priority, but also to the average Danish citizen who values quality and wishes to live in the beautiful Sluseholmen. Sluseholmen offers apartments of all sizes, suitable for everyone. From families with children and couples to a two-room base for the single life.”

He continues: “We are truly pleased with the agreement with Danica Ejendomme concerning re-leasing the apartments on Sluseholmen. We have been pleased with our collaboration there and are simply delighted that the partnership continues. We have been tasked with re-leasing the seven property projects on Sluseholmen since the end of 2021. We now have an exclusive brokerage agreement for all 800 units, which we naturally view as a testament to the quality of our work in finding tenants at a high pace as soon as new units become available for leasing.”

A Vibrant District in the City
Sluseholmen has evolved into a vibrant district with space for many people. There is great space for families who enjoy the pleasant courtyards of the properties. Across the water are abundant green and scenic areas on Amager Fælled. Alexander Danielsen, project manager, EDC Project Poul Erik Bech, says:

“There are excellent opportunities for walking and cycling, regardless of whether it’s summer or winter. The water and canals bring life, providing space for boats and kayaks, and the delightful harbour bath is also an attraction. In just 10 minutes, you’re at the City Hall Square. The combination of a vibrant city life and fresh air with water nearby is attractive. Additionally, in 2024, a metro line will be coming to Sluseholmen, further connecting the district to the rest of Copenhagen, making it an even more appealing area.”

Busy with Re-leasing
“For rental properties like these, there’s a continual turnover. With so many units, we are out at Sluseholmen for open houses several times a week to maintain a low vacancy rate and avoid vacancy periods. It’s a genuinely exciting development area with apartments of all sizes, offering quality housing for both the young, the elderly, and families, which appeals to many,” says Alexander Danielsen and continues:

“There’s also a focus on community and diversity, targeting a broader rental segment so tenants feel a sense of belonging with their neighbors and stay longer. Rental properties have been very popular for years due to an uncertain housing market. This means that people remain patient and might look for a rental apartment that they will only need temporarily before taking the plunge to buy.

Danica Ejendomme and EDC Project Poul Erik Bech have a similar agreement for the re-leasing of 81 apartments at Uplandsgade 6A-6B in Amager. Here, EDC Project also handled the leasing, where all units were rented out in just 3½ months.

“Danica Ejendomme and EDC Project Poul Erik Bech have a similar agreement regarding re-leasing 81 apartments at Uplandsgade 6A-6B in Amager. At this location, EDC Project also managed the leasing, where all units were rented out in just 3½ months.”

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