CityFact: An Exceptionally Useful and Relevant Analytical Tool for Investors

In the property investment industry, it is crucial to have access to in-depth and accurate data when making tough decisions about where to place investments. Since its release in 2022, CityFact from EDC Poul Erik Bech has been assisting in this area, and the analytical product has proven to be a valuable resource and an essential tool for serious investors nationwide.

CityFact provides a comprehensive overview of market conditions in several of the country’s largest cities, compiling extensive area-specific knowledge and market data from all real estate segments into one analytical product. Despite its short time on the market, CityFact has been well-received nationwide by both customers and employees. Flemming Buhl, Head of Capital Markets and responsible for major clients at EDC Poul Erik Bech, says:

“CityFact is an ingenious invention. Although it takes a lot of resources to prepare the individual analyses for the individual cities and areas, it is worth it. It helps to strengthen our professionalism and service to customers, and hence our brand. Clients are served with highly relevant information in an easy and manageable way, so it can be used to back up their decisions in the investment market. My clear view is that customers are really happy with the product, whether it is the big investors, the pension funds or the public sector.”

CityFact provides information on vacancy rates, rental levels, return on investment requirements, population growth, age distribution, and moving activity, enabling serious investors to make well-informed and rational decisions when substantial sums of money are at stake.

Emphasizing Experienced Expertise 
Detailed analyses are available for 19 of the country’s largest cities and areas. Flemming Buhl says:

“CityFact certainly demonstrates to the outside world that we truly have nationwide coverage with our 19 business centers. We hold a significant advantage over many other chains, as we have national experts working closely with our skilled local brokers and business centers. With CityFact, we emphasize our professional expertise, positioning us strongly in the market. It’s a pleasure to send CityFact reports to current and potential clients – they always respond with gratitude, noting they’ve received far more than they anticipated. So, the product exceeds clients’ expectations.”

“It’s an impressive product that truly adds value for our clients. CityFact has substantially impacted my work and left a positive impression. Naturally, if an investor is planning to build townhouses in Næstved, for instance, they would want information that strengthens their decision-making foundation straightforwardly and understandably – and CityFact certainly delivers on that front.”

Useful for the heaviest Investments 
Henrik Frost Sørensen, partner and business director at EDC Poul Erik Bech Aarhus, says: “We encounter that almost everyone considers it a valuable tool that offers great value. CityFact is especially fascinating due to it’s heavy data content and specificity at the city level. This provides truly unique insights into how a particular market looks in the specific city one wishes to invest in. Having the ability to make decisions based on well-informed grounds is a clear advantage. With CityFact, everything is handed to you on a silver platter, which gives the investment considerably more weight. This is beneficial for any investor, but it’s obvious that the larger the amounts involved, the more knowledge one desires about the area in which they are investing.”

Tailored Reports
Joseph Alberti, Head of Research at EDC Poul Erik Bech, says: “With our analytical product, CityFact, we provide investors and decision-makers with a more enlightened basis. However, if you need to make a specific decision concerning construction projects or property investments, we always recommend reaching out to our local business center or our team in Research & Analysis so we can discuss your analytical needs. We can create tailored reports that can assist you in making decisions based on your specific project.”

CityFact – Get close on the local development
Are you curious about local developments or searching for specific demographic details for a particular construction project or property investment?

CityFact consolidates relevant market conditions into one analytical product. Thus, obtaining a comprehensive overview of local market conditions has never been easier. Gain a current status on vacancies, rental levels, return requirements, and data on demographic trends, including population growth, age distribution, relocation activity, and trends within the workforce for specific market areas with data right down to the city level.

In selected areas, CityFact can also be ordered in English. For more information, contact Subscribe to CityFact and receive a report for the cities you’re interested in:

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