Get local knowledge about your city with CityFact: Which city or cities are you investing in?

At EDC Erhverv Poul Erik Bech, we have developed a new analysis product called CityFact, which takes the pulse of commercial properties in specific market areas across the country. The online product has been created in collaboration with our 19 local business centers so that you, as an actor in the real estate industry, can gain an in-depth insight into the factors that drive investments in your particular city and market area.

CityFact combines relevant, publicly available data, data from EDC Poul Erik Bech, and qualitative knowledge from our 19 local business centers. The strength is thus the total knowledge the reader obtains at once concerning a local market area, which is thus collected in a visual, easy-to-read, and understandable manner.

CityFact covers the broad property market with relevant figures and trends for specific municipalities and cities in Denmark. The content is thus relevant to many actors in the property industry, including investors, project developers, landlords, tenants, and employees in the public and financial sectors. Joseph Alberti, Head of Research at EDC Erhverv Poul Erik Bech, says:

“We are now introducing our new analysis product, CityFact, which we have developed with relevant real estate data for our customers and business partners. It is the first product on the market that combines all relevant market conditions in one comprehensive analysis product, which means that the players in the real estate industry can easily and efficiently form a thorough overview of local market conditions. We are constantly experiencing an increased demand for value-creating data that can illuminate and substantiate local market trends, which has contributed to our development of CityFact, an analysis product that gathers a lot of diverse and essential market data in one report.”

“Our analysis product contains data on demographic movements, including population development, age distribution, moving activity, and trends within the workforce for specific market areas with data down to city level. As Denmark’s largest and only nationwide brokerage with 75 housing stores, 19 business centers, and more than 650 employees, we have the opportunity to provide our customers and business partners with current market data for all our market areas. CityFact will therefore be relevant to many people connected to the property industry – both private and public players.”

All real estate segments
The analysis product contains current market data for the following property segments: residential, office, retail, warehouse, logistics, production, and project development, as well as information on the vacancy, market rent, return requirements, and development areas with construction activity – both historical and planned construction.

“We have compiled CityFact in close cooperation with our many local brokers, who have their finger on the pulse concerning the local market development to ensure as specific, relevant, and detailed knowledge as possible. All figures are supported with comments and explanations so that the data appears clear, visually easy to read, and supplemented with insight into local market conditions. In addition to showing the current status, the data is supported with in-depth descriptions and figures related to the historical development, so you get access to in-depth property data with many valuable key figures,” says Joseph Alberti and continues,

“CityFact also provides an overview of the area’s most significant development projects and describes what particularly applies to these. This is supported by current figures for construction, both with historical supply and current projects in the pipeline. The analysis product looks at trends and movements that apply to your city and area so that you can base your decisions on a well-founded basis.”

The demographic movements are decisive for the property market and the demand for properties – both from tenants, owners and investors. CityFact illuminates the development in the population and the business world, including jobs, workplaces, and industries for the city in question. Thus, the analysis provides a thorough overview of underlying trends that can help explain the supply and demand for relevant property types.


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Head of Research
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