Høje Taastrup C: A new city within the city with a quarter of a million square meters of new construction

Things are progressing and exceeding all expectations in the new district, Høje Taastrup C, which will consist of a total of 249,000 m² new construction, where 125,000 m² is residential and 124,000 m² business, including offices, parking house, retail, café/restaurant, and a 9,000 m² new town hall. EDC Erhverv Poul Erik Bech is involved in several of the projects and is responsible for the letting of 157 sustainable rental homes (Oase Husene), the sale of 155 new sustainable owner-occupied homes (Cornelia Hus), the letting of 23,408 m² of offices (The Central). Soon we also expect to find tenants for several of the new retail stores.

Market Insight has appointed Peter Mering for Høje Taastrup C. He is the new director of the development company, Høje Taastrup C, and board member of Danske Shoppingcentre P/S (owned by ATP and Danica Pension), which, together with Høje-Taastrup Municipality and the Real Estate Agency ATPFA II P/S (owned by ATP and PFA), is behind Høje Taastrup C. He says,

“I agreed to the job, as I helped establish the development company, HTC, during my time as manager of Danica Ejendomme, and have since also been a board member. When the former director, Lars Bloch, chose to stop, it was natural for me to take over the project as I have extensive knowledge about it. I also felt that I was obligated to contribute to the project reaching its goal in the end with the sale of all building rights in the company. It’s a pretty amazing project and fascinating to be part of such an exciting urban development task.”

Coherent planned city
Peter Mering has been involved in the real estate industry for many years, where he has been in charge of Danica Ejendomme and SEB Ejendomme. In addition to the director job in Høje Taastrup C, he is, among other things, a board member of Danske Shoppingcentre, DSB Ejendomsudvikling, and the development company CØ, which is behind the large project, Papirøen, on Christiansholm. He says,

“It is very exciting to help drive the development and establishment of a brand-new district. Høje Taastrup C is not just a project area in the city, but it is a very thought-out and well-planned city with homes, businesses, offices, retail shops, and a new town hall. The housing is under construction, and many have already moved in and have Høje Taastrup as their new home. We have successfully attracted families with children who want to move away from small and expensive housing in the city, and we see more and more bicycles with trailers for children, so we feel that we have largely succeeded with the project.”

“We did not expect it would progress at this speed and so successfully with selling all the residential building rights with a total of 125,000 m2 homes. It has been very positive. People are pleasantly surprised by the area when they come out and visit us, so there has been a lot of search and interest in the new homes. It is going well both with renting and selling the owner-occupied homes. In addition, the town hall construction is almost finished, which means that the employees can soon move in to the new super and inspiring premises on the 12th of December 2022. To that extent, the housing construction has shown the way. Now we need to get going in the commercial areas, where we, with the first attractive, nice, sustainable multi-use office building called The Central, will find tenants who want to work in Denmark’s fastest growing municipality.”

EDC with a significant role
Michael Thulstrup, key account manager at EDC Erhverv Poul Erik Bech, says, “At EDC, we have been involved almost from the start of the project with the very first meetings, where it was only strategic thoughts on paper. It is fantastic to experience that things have gone so well with the project’s different parts. Now the district is coming to life, and many new things have happened every time we are out here. We are delighted that we are involved in so many of the projects.”

“We are responsible for the letting of 157 sustainable rental homes in Oase Husene, which are more than 75% let, the sale of 155 new sustainable owner-occupied homes in Cornelia Hus, where more than 85% have been sold, and we are also helping to let 23,408 m² of offices in The Central, which will be a beautiful and ambitious office building. At the same time, we are far with the negotiations, so we expect to find tenants for several of the new retail shops out here, which are at street level at the bottom of many of the homes.”

Høje Taastrup has a lot to offer
About the area, Peter Mering says, “The success of the project can be attributed to Høje Taastrup C as it is an attractive area where we can offer high-quality city life. We think holistically, where we create a coherent city with good housing, attractive communal areas with good living and playing areas for both children and adults, easy access to public services, good shopping opportunities in City2, and close to public transport and new exciting business premises. It will be a green, sustainable City where more than 4,000 can work, and 3,000 new residents can live, shop, and have fun with their families. It is a super modern area with many excellent, brand-new apartments with a housing burden that is more affordable than in Copenhagen.”

“There is an excellent infrastructure close to one of Denmark’s busiest stations, where you can get to Copenhagen in 14 minutes. It is unique with so many things happening out here. The City2 shopping center has plenty of shopping and leisure facilities. The residents and those who work here have a shopping center within walking distance, with many excellent shops, a cinema, an ice rink, bowling, and mini golf. Outside there are playgrounds and ball fields, and we have initiated the world’s longest skating rink, which also functions as a LAR project with collecting rainwater to prevent flooding. In addition, the municipality has the world’s largest indoor go-kart track, ski hill, and new large green areas, so Høje Taastrup Municipality has a lot to offer.”

“After the sale of the last residential building rights, my task is to promote the sale of the commercial building rights so that the company’s mission can be completed. So, our task now is to get even more companies to find their way to Høje Taastrup C. I’m sure that the task will be completed successfully, as the homes fill up and the district gets more and more residents.”

EDC-projects in HTC

• Oase Husene: 157 sustainable homes of 59-109 m2, of which 30 are specially designed as senior-friendly homes with occupancy from the 15th of November 2022. PFA Pension is behind the project with 2-, 3- and 4-room well-furnished rental homes in the future park area. EDC Project Poul Erik Bech is responsible for letting the homes, where more than 75% are let. Read more www.oasehusene.dk.

• Cornelia Hus: EDC Project Poul Erik Bech has the task of selling the 155 homes individually. RHB Development and Heimstaden are building the 12,300 m². It is a huge success, as over 85% of the attractive owner-occupied homes have already been sold or reserved, so it is expected that they will be sold out long before the move-in by summer 2023. Read more www.corneliahus.dk.

• The Central: An attractive, sustainable, multi-user office building on the way in Høje Taastrup C. Read more at www.thecentralhtc.dk.

• Retail: Retail stores are built in most housing projects. EDC Erhverv is negotiating to lease several retail stores, which are expected to come on the market soon.