STMicroelectronics will move into the upcoming INCUBA Next in Aarhus in 2024

STMicroelectronics, a major international company, will move into the 15th floor of INCUBA Next, expected to be completed by the end of 2024. INCUBA Next is an expansion of the INCUBA research park in Katrinebjerg, Aarhus, and comprises 37,000 m² distributed over 18 floors. EDC International Poul Erik Bech acted as the leasing advisor for STMicroelectronics.

STMicroelectronics is a French-Italian multinational company with operational and executive headquarters in Plan-les-Ouates near Geneva, Switzerland, that develops, manufactures, and markets electronic chips. With over 50,000 employees across 80 offices in 35 countries, the company is one of the world’s leading players in the economic sector of semiconductor production. In 2018, STMicroelectronics entered Denmark when it took over Draupner Graphics, a company that develops a software tool for building microcontroller-based display solutions known as TouchGFX.

Jørgen Mygind, Site Manager at STMicroelectronics, says: “Over the past few years, we have further developed the product and doubled our workforce. But our ambitions do not stop here; we expect to grow further over the next few years. We want to expand the knowledge of STMicroelectronics, both locally in Aarhus and nationally in Denmark, and therefore, we are pleased to be able to move into INCUBA Next. It gives us the best opportunities to attract the right candidates in the future. We are 25 now and expect to be close to double that within a few years, so we need space to grow.”

Fits like a glove
STMicroelectronics’ choice of INCUBA Next as their future base is mainly due to the professional environment that INCUBA has established. Jørgen Mygind explains: “INCUBA has created an extreme development environment for technology companies like us, who wish to scale their business within IT, cleantech, and life sciences. We are looking forward to becoming part of INCUBA, as it allows us to attract the right electronics and software competencies. We see INCUBA as the perfect match for us. We are moving into the 15th floor and will have the entire floor to ourselves, which is also important as it enhances security.”

At INCUBA, there is also excitement about STMicroelectronics moving into the upcoming expansion of the research park, says Claus Svarre, Director of Real Estate, Lettings & Facilities at INCUBA: “STMicroelectronics is a perfect addition to INCUBA Next, and I would call them a core tenant, fitting like a glove in our visionary community. 90% of our tenants are so-called core tenants, and we cherish them as they help to refine our brand. It’s about staying true to our brand when we find tenants for our facilities.”

Kudos to the broker
EDC International Poul Erik Bech has been a leasing advisor for STMicroelectronics and facilitated the extensive international semiconductor producer and INCUBA lease agreement.

Jørgen Juul Mygind says: “We are very pleased with Helle Nielsen Ziersen’s work in connection with our agreement with INCUBA. She understood our situation and has been an excellent sparring partner. She has been skilled at negotiating, benefiting us and INCUBA, and ensuring the best possible deal for both parties.”

Helle Nielsen Ziersen, Partner and Head of EDC International Poul Erik Bech, states: “I am pleased to have helped STMicroelectronics find their new base in Denmark. It is a large international company with a base in Aarhus, but it wanted advice on creating more awareness about its brand. Their new location in INCUBA Next, with nearly 2000 employees, researchers, entrepreneurs, and researchers across 175 scale-up companies, can help increase STMicroelectronics knowledge. Congratulations to both parties.”

Helle Nielsen Ziersen

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