First youth apartments at Kvægtorvet in Slagelse ready for occupancy

EDC Project Poul Erik Bech has been chosen to manage the rental of 324 DGNB-gold-certified apartments, 224 youth apartments and 100 family apartments, constructed by PFA Ejendomme.

The construction of a large housing development project at Kvægtorvet in Slagelse is proceeding as planned, and EDC Projekt Poul Erik Bech has been chosen to rent out the apartments. The first phase, which consists of 30 family apartments and 8 terraced houses, is underway, and the rental of the first youth apartments is set to start shortly. Peter Morgan, Investment Director at PFA Ejendomme, says:

“The construction at Kvægtorvet is going according to plan, and the first apartments will be ready soon. The test apartment has been furnished and shown at the open houses, and we expect the first phase of the apartments to be ready for occupancy during the fall. We have teamed up with EDC Project Poul Erik Bech, with whom we have had good experiences in the past. Most importantly, EDC Poul Erik Bech has an independent unit in Slagelse, which has great insight into the local community.”

Sustainable homes for all stages of life
The rental of the first phase’s 30-family homes and 8 terraced houses is proceeding as planned, and only a few are available. The rental of the first youth apartments began in August. Peter Morgan says:

“It’s a district for all generations with homes for every stage of life. From youth apartments, large and small family homes to senior housing and even a free nursing home, it’s a good mix of generations that can create good dynamics and cross-generational relationships. There’s a strong focus on ESG and sustainability in the real estate industry, which is also emphasized in the new district in Slagelse. We have worked extremely hard to minimize the CO2 footprint to achieve the DGNB Gold certification. Furthermore, we want to symbolize that this should be Slagelse’s green district with green spaces in the area.”

Old industrial area in the center of Slagelse
Kvægtorvet is a large former industrial area characterized by manufacturing companies, large slaughterhouses, and a gas plant. Sven Lyse, partner at EDC Poul Erik Bech, says:

“Kvægtorvet is an almost 90,000 m² area that in the past was a hub for the trade of food in Western Zealand. The area is perfectly suited for a residential area with a short distance to Slagelse Station, Campus Slagelse, and Slagelse City Center. Slagelse has become a popular place to live with good educational institutions and a great environment for family life. Housing projects are therefore essential for Slagelse’s continued development.”

Bjørn Gervø, project manager at EDC Project Poul Erik Bech, says: “We are incredibly pleased to be given the task of renting out the apartments in Slagelse for PFA Ejendomme. It’s a large and compelling rental housing project with great potential, appealing to all age groups. We look forward to seeing the project completed and observing the development in Slagelse. We are experiencing great demand for the apartments and are eager to rent out the youth apartments, ranging from 32-44 m² with a monthly rent starting from 4,290 DKK per month. The terraced houses are 98-108 m² with a rent of 11,650-11,950 DKK per month, so the prices are far more competitive than in Copenhagen.”

Sven Lyse

Partner, direktør, MDE
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Bjørn Gervø

Projektchef, partner, ejendomsmægler og valuar, MDE
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Helle Nielsen Ziersen

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Jacob Lykke Bruun

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